The State of California…

Is still holding my state tax refund, most, unusually longer than most.Which again, of course, puts me in a bind. JC Penny credit card services, Victoria’s Secrets, Nordstroms, Amazon, Sears, Walmart, Khols, Bloomingdales and whoever else I’m currently indebted to keep calling. I’m sick with the flu, and I’m wondering, how am I going to survive. My brother who was just recently released from jail, my younger one, as it turns out, it took less than twelve seconds entirely, for him to begin doping up again. And my eldest brother must mot be too far from this fetch, as he’s nowhere to be found. And you know what, I feel like numbing myself also.But, I’m afraid I’m crossed with the vex of possibility, where would it get me really? I reached out to this man today, I was provided his contact information from a family friend. His name is Alfred Samuels, evidently, he is responsible for coordinating tours for artists across the African continent. Man…if a gal could dream. Well, I’ll be damned. But on second thought, you really won’t believe the crux of the welfare system that I’ve been involuntarily caught up in. It sure is easy to be, “Caught UP”. The County of San Diego had the nerve to send me a letter saying that I should provide reasonable justification as to why I fell into non-compliance with my WTW-Program. Boy, you should have heard what I recorded using my phone voice recorder, just to ensure I had an easier time writing out a letter that will be sent out today! I’ll try and see if I can upload that audio clip for you later…untill then!


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